Sign the pledge, Boycott Communist Chinese Products

Please SIGN and pledge to try to BUY LOCAL, or from any Non-Communist country globally, rather than giving your hard-earned money to the freedom-suppressing Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Try encouraging others to do the same, this is one small way we can personally protest the tyrannical reign of the Chinese Communist […]

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A Wealthy, Powerful, Democratic India Would Help Frustrate China’s ‘Hegemonic Ambitions’: US Senator

“America won its most important Cold War victories by helping democracies become rich in ways that advanced its own security and prosperity. It’s high time to revive that approach, and India is the place to start,” he wrote.


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U.S. Consumers Are Less Willing To Buy ‘Made In China’ Items In Wake Of Coronavirus Pandemic: Study

The empty U.S. shelves of surgical masks and other things, coupled with the images of first responders and hospital staff not having enough personal protective equipment in the thick of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic may have served as another wakeup call

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