Sign the pledge, Boycott Communist Chinese Products

Please SIGN and pledge to try to BUY LOCAL, or from any Non-Communist country globally, rather than giving your hard-earned money to the freedom-suppressing Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Try encouraging others to do the same, this is one small way we can personally protest the tyrannical reign of the Chinese Communist […]

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Major Smartphone Companies Moving Production Units Out of China

Major smartphone companies are moving their production units out of China. Is it time for consumers to be more vigilant and support the idea of using “Phones Not Made in China”?

Click to display Smartphone products available on the Not made in China Directory. 

For many years global […]

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Consumers now have a choice when shopping for country-of-origin products that reflect their ethical choices

The NotMadeInChina.Directory website service now offers products for consumers who want to vote with their wallets

As China continues to expand its influence over the world, consumers are increasingly despairing at the realization that so much of what they buy is made in China. […]

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