I am getting too many non-relevant results in my searches.2021-03-20T01:22:06+00:00

Try combining your keyword search with a category at the same time. Example, Keyword: “Women” then pulldown “Clothing” category. Your results will now only show women’s clothing.

Can I see all products made in a certain country?2021-03-20T01:17:45+00:00

Yes, Simply pull down the country you like to see the products from, example, Canada, then search. Only products made in Canada will display.

Can I see all products in a category?2021-03-20T01:15:47+00:00

Yes, Simple select from the pull down the category you wish to see, example “Toys”. Leave all other fields blank, and search. The results will show all products in the “Toy Category”

How to research brands and products “Made in China” products?2021-03-09T00:28:08+00:00

From our home page or at this link https://notmadeinchina.directory/made-in-china/?search=

You are able to search for a particular brand, company name or product. If found in the database our research indicates it may be made in China. If not found in the database, may not be made in China or not yet in our database. Please feel free to suggest products we can add to this database, that you know are “Made in China”.

How to search for “Not made in China” products?2021-03-09T00:27:58+00:00

You may search by any combination of the search criterias available at this link. https://notmadeinchina.directory/product-search/  Use one word searches to broaden your search. Narrow your search by selecting a category, or adding a second search word to the search. You may also view an entire category if you only pull down on that category. You may also use the same technique to search products from a specific country of origin, or to see only products that ship to your own country.

How can I support the valuable service of this Website?2021-03-08T18:16:57+00:00

First of all, I Michael Paul, the founder of NMIC.Directory, would like to thank you for this consideration. I personally have invested thousands of dollars into this effort, and continue to invest about a thousand dollars a month in keeping the service going and expanding its service and usefulness. This website is not owned by some large corporation, it was started and is still operated by me alone with some volunteer help and costly web developers. Please visit this link to see 5 ways you can support the effort. https://notmadeinchina.directory/support-the-cause-not-made-in-china/


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