Authenticity 50 Bedding, Bed sheets, Pillows, Pillowcases, Blankets, Duvets, and Towels


Seed to stich Made in USA, Bed sheets, Pillows, Pillowcases, Blankets, Duvets, and Towels. Supporting the local community and manufacturing.

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Product Description

The American dream wasn’t something we really thought about as kids. We were fortunate enough to witness it all around us–in our schools, communities, and, most of all, at home.

We were each raised by parents who supported their families with their local small businesses. They worked tirelessly to provide for us, while building something they were very proud to call their own. From them, we learned values like hard work, honesty, kindness, and perseverance–values we lean on daily at Authenticity50.

As newlyweds several years ago, we attempted to outfit our home with high-quality, American-made goods, shopping for endurance and craftsmanship above all else.

But when it came to bedding, we couldn’t find anything. We were stumped.

Learning that the domestic textile and sheeting industry had nearly vanished from the US, we realized that the problem was bigger than finding the right set of bed sheets–jobs, communities, even whole towns were at stake.

On a mission to bring bedding back home, we set out to deliver long-lasting, luxury products at an incredible value to customers–authentically made in the 50 states, from Seed-to-Stitch®.

Our local manufacturing supply chain and production process supports over 1,000 skilled workers from coast-to-coast with our products. We hope you are as proud to purchase and own Authenticity50 goods as we are to make them right here.