Classic Luxury Cotton T-shirts For Men & Women


Classic Luxury Cotton T-shirts For Men & Women

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We believe in the power of simple pleasures—like a classic T-shirt. Doing the right thing brings us joy. That’s why we source only 100% organic cotton, create handcrafted and durable garments, provide fair treatment for all of our farmers and workers, and give back to the world around us.

The Classic T-Shirt Sustainable Company


Before our first daughter, Gabriella was born, we decided to set an example by creating a product that is ethical and sustainable. Armed with a background in the fashion and technology industries, we set out to build the most premium ethical T-shirts that bring together quality and integrity.

Today, we offer a full range of high quality T-shirts for men and women that we couldn’t be prouder of. Read more

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Luxury  Imagine a shirt that’s a joy to slip into. One that fits well, feels good, and looks good. A soft, comfortable garment that elevates any style or look.

Quality –100% organic and ultra-durable cotton that’s garment dyed to prevent shrinkage. From the tailored neckline to the clean hem, every inch of a Classic T-Shirt is handcrafted and inspected for quality. Our shirts are made to look great wear after wear after wear.

Integrity  Your dollars represent your morals. Put yours towards a Fair Trade brand that cares for people and the earth—and one that’s committed to winning you over as a lifelong fan.


Made in the USA – All of our organic cotton is sourced from premium spinning mills. The yarn is then sent to our partner factory, a vertically integrated state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, for knitting. The fabric then goes through a premium dying process, ensuring all chemicals are azo-free and environmentally friendly. Design, cutting, sewing, quality control, packaging, and other procedures are completed in-house before the finished products are sent to the neighboring storage and fulfilment facility.

Sustainable – This isn’t just a nice-to-have for us; it’s a necessity. We’ve partnered with one of the leading state-of-the-art factories in California that guarantees fair wages, reasonable hours, and excellent working conditions. We want everyone involved in the production cycle of our high quality T-shirts to thrive. The more we sell, the better for everyone.

Quality Control – Every high quality T-shirt goes through a thorough quality control process to ensure consistent excellence. Our T-shirts are made with care and precision, using over 20 measurements, with very strict tolerances. This means that once you’ve discovered your perfect size, you can re-order with confidence, knowing that your new T-shirt will fit you just like the last one.

Longevity – We put every batch of fabric through multiple shrink tests to create a highly accurate pre-wash spec, and then garment wash each T-shirt in order to create the desired post-wash spec. This means that our T-shirts retain their original shape and quality, wash after wash.

The Classic T-Shirt Sustainable Packaging


Exceptional Fabric – Super soft and refreshingly light, you have to experience our rich, organic cotton to believe it. We know that it’s so important to feel comfortable and free in your high quality T-shirt, so we’ve taken the time to source one of the finest natural fabrics available on the market. The careful construction and using a tight gauge guarantee that your T-shirt will stay supremely strong and durable over time, even with daily wears and washes.

Incredible Fit – There’s nothing more important than getting the right fit. Our signature cut is semi-fitted, which means it’s not too tight and not too loose. There’s just the right amount of fabric around the neck, shoulders, chest, armholes, sleeves and length to shape to your physique, and the shorter sleeves give added comfort, flexibility of movement, and a classically sexy look. The cut gives you the option of two sizes – one loose and one fitted.

100% Organic Cotton (GOTS Certified) certificate # is 0T-023558 – Unlike synthetic fibers, our 100% natural cotton allows your skin to breathe and never itch. We are also committed to sourcing organic cotton so that no pesticides or fertilizers are used in production. This protects cotton farmers and our planet’s water table from harsh chemicals, preserving a healthy future for our children.

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