We have a factory in Detroit where we produce our signature US Chromoly bikes using high-quality American Chromoly steel

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Product Description

Detroit Bikes is the largest bicycle frame manufacturer in the United States. If you are looking for a quality commuter bike with an American Made frame, you’ve come to the right place. Our US Made frames use a top of the line steel called Chromoly. Chromoly is exceptionally strong, so a frame made out of Chromoly can have very thin-walled tubing. This makes for a lightweight, yet strong and durable ride. Chromoly is also used in aircraft and race cars. Detroit Bikes offers various services to the bicycle industry. We can manufacture frames for other brands, we can source parts from our global supply chain, we can make small batches of customized, branded, bicycles, and we also sell bikes under our own house brand. We like the revival of urban cycling that is happening as new bike lanes are popping in cities looking to increase mobility options for their citizens- so the types of bikes we focus on are simple, reliable and made for getting around (as opposed to sport/hobby bikes).