Dutch Crafters-Furnitures Handcrafted in USA


Dutch Crafters-Furnitures, Beds, Tables (Coffee, Study, Office, Conference, Pool, Dining, Patio), Cupboards, Chairs, Sofas and Stools

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Product Description

Our American made furniture is made in Amish country, handcrafted in the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania, the back roads of Ohio, or along the amber waves of grain in Northern Indiana.

There is something special about American made furniture, especially Amish furniture. DutchCrafters furniture is made by expert craftsmen using tools powered by generators and their own hands, as they have for decades. Often, they are family businesses where children learn the craft from their parents who learned it from their parents before them.

This stands in stark contrast to imported furniture, made on assembly lines as quickly and cheaply as possible, where shortcuts are commonplace and quality is only a necessary minimum standard.