Frigidaire Genuine Water Filters


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Product Description

We all know that refrigerator water filters filter water in your fridge, but how exactly does that happen? See what’s inside your Frigidaire Genuine water filter that keeps your family’s water clean and tasting great.

What could be in your water?

As water makes its way through our world and through your city’s water system, it collects impurities and contaminants both from pipes, homes, farms and the natural world.

    • Chlorine
    • Heavy metals such as lead & mercury
    • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 
    • Chemicals
    • Pharmaceuticals 
    • BPA
    • Pesticides & insecticides  

Is bottled water safe to drink?

Bottled water is often held to even less strict safety regulations than tap water. Plus, every time you fill up a reusable bottle from your fridge, that’s one more plastic bottle that stays out of the landfill. For safer, pure water that’s better for your family and the environment, trust your home fridge filter.

How do activated carbon filters work?

Activated carbon technology filters contaminants in three ways:

  1. First, the large internal surface area physically traps sediments and contaminants.
  2. Then, activated carbon acts like a magnet for compounds like lead and volatile organic compounds as water passes through.
  3. Finally, chemical reactions inside the filter reduce chemicals like chlorine on contact.

What is a genuine water filter?

Genuine Frigidaire water filters are the only water filters that are guaranteed to work in your Frigidaire refrigerator to consistently provide the freshest and purest water for your home. These NSF certified filters are engineered to use three levels of powerful filtration to remove 99.9% of the contaminants listed above, and they’re guaranteed to fit and function perfectly with all Frigidaire refrigerators.

How often should you replace the filter?

Water filters should be replaced every six months to guarantee they are functioning properly. Regularly replacing your filter is the best way to guarantee your water filter system can function properly and keep your water filter safe.


Your discount filter could be working against you

When it’s time to replace your refrigerator’s water filter, it’s important to buy a replacement filter that is designed to work specifically with your fridge. But did you know off-brand and generic filters aren’t the only potential risk in buying a new water filter? The risks that face your water quality and safety go beyond what’s in your city’s water supply. Counterfeit water filters have made their way into online marketplaces all over the world, and sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference at first glance. But counterfeits are not the same as the real thing. Read our helpful guide so you can ensure you’re getting a genuine filter for your fridge.