HOGARD 6″ Pro Taping Knife | Premium Stainless Steel Blade with a Soft Grip | Best Drywall Taping Tool


HOGARD 6" Pro Taping Knife | Premium Stainless Steel Blade with a Soft Grip | Best Drywall Taping Tool

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Product Description

  • Highest-quality stainless taping knife – The blade is made of highest-quality, solid, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel. Was crafted using premium manufacturing practices. The aluminum profile ensures our taping knife remains perfectly straight and flexible. It’s the ideal drywall taping tool.
  • Ideal, smooth finish – Our top-quality taping knives are designed to apply and smooth gypsum plaster. The sharp, nonstick blade will easily give you straight lines in your joints and repairs. Thanks to the aluminum profile, ensures an ideal, smooth finish when you’re working with spackle.
  • Ergonomics matter – We design our taping tools taking special care with hand-grip ergonomics. We want to keep your wrists safe even if you work for a long time. The comfortable, nonslip rubberized handle grip will not cause hand cramps, and the top-quality materials will ensure the tool’s long life. As a signature of our high quality, we brand each drywall taping tool.
  • Innovative technologies – We particularly focus on our products’ quality and our clients’ satisfaction. Our constant investments in innovative manufacturing technologies increase our production effectiveness and improve delivery standards. We have all the sizes you need: a 6-inch drywall knife, a 10-inch drywall knife, a 14-inch drywall knife, an 18-inch drywall knife, and a 24 inch drywall knife.
  • Suitable for multiple applications – our stainless-steel putty taping spatula knife can be easily applied for filler, caulk, plaster, putty, scraping, paint and wallpapers removal or sealant. Hole in the handle will guarantee storage. We certify that our blades can be easily cleaned under hot water.