Hyper electric marine motor


cooling system, gear box, rapid acceleration and control, solar canopy

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Product Description

We design, build, and remanufacture high horsepower electric outboard motors / inverters, digital controls, and battery storage and charging systems.

Hyper Electric Marine was founded in June of 2019. Our primary products are high power electric outboard motors, inverters, controllers, and a long range battery packs. HEM utilizes technology similar to that found in Tesla products, with a similarly designed intermediate gearbox as well. This gearbox allows the 3 phase induction motor to utilize a near optimum power and torque curve, utilizing common “off the shelf” props for propulsion.

Our Idea

Using a Tesla performance motor with an optimized gear box for best acceleration and top speed. Pulse width modulated “drive” waveform provides smooth acceleration and optimal energy efficiency.

Proven Engineering

HEM has over 100 years of combined engineering experience & collectively over 50 patents.

Marine Industry Expertise

HEM has over 35 years of combined experience in the Marine sector.

In-House Production

Tesla motor/inverters are modified in house to provide custom programming for motor drive, temperature monitoring/control, power monitoring/control, as well as the ability to remotely “upload” new firmware as improvements are made to the system software. A 10.1 inch marine touch screen display indicates speed, acceleration, distance (odometer & trip odometer, Motor RPM, energy usage, energy remaining, Battery/Inverter/Motor Temperature, High Temp throttle limit status/control, Nav light status/control, Docking light status/control, Rear ski lights status/control, Metric/SAE status/control, Motor trim level status/control

Our motors will knock your socks off – or at least your sunglasses. You haven’t experienced this level of acceleration on water. Enjoy the incredible G-forces without stopping to worry about choppy waters.

Our inherent low center of gravity easily breaks through the roughest of conditions, while the instantaneous torque gives you full control like never before. Never capsize again with our roll-proof design and integrated hydrochannel toons.

Don’t take our word for it, see it in action: full speed ahead.