Intense Mountain, Terrain, Enduro, Cross-country and E-Bikes


Intense Mountain, Terrain, Enduro, Cross-country and E-Bikes

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Product Description

Intense was born in the heyday of American mountain bike racing, in the mid- 90’s when the NORBA circuit was a summer-long traveling circus as important and well-attended as World Cups, and when legends were created. Personalities like Shaun Palmer,Leigh Donovan, and Michael Ronning were superstars of the sport and helped launch the M1 into the limelight.

Later, Chris Kovarik joined Intense and began a new chapter of racing history when he dominated World Cup podiums and set the record for the biggest gap between gold and silver that still stands today, fifteen years later. Intense continued to push the envelope of bike design with the M3, M6 and M9.

It’s a well-known fact at Intense that Jeff is obsessed with what he calls “form and function”. Any time he is working on a new project, he is single-mindedly driven to ensure the bike delivers BOTH a stunning appearance AND incredible performance. A bike (or guitar, or car, etc..) can’t just look good, or sound good, or be fast – it must meet exceptional standards on all levels. It is Jeff’s preoccupation with “combining form and function” that has brought us some of the boldest, most aggressive and innovative bikes in the history of our sport.