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You not only get self-designed and artistic animal designs at MYINTOX, but also quality and workmanship at the highest level.

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Product Description

How did MYINTOX come about?

Christine Stegmann came up with the idea for MYINTOX several years ago. She was inspired again and again by the latest trends in the fashion world, her love of nature and the love of endangered animals. At the same time she wanted to combine high-quality materials with innovative design. She wanted to create individual designer fashion with a feel-good character and an original look. Fashion, which can be combined with different styles without long consideration, yet nevertheless making every outfit special. Who doesn’t know the feeling of standing in front of a full wardrobe and not knowing how best to combine which fashion items? Through Christine Stegmann’s commitment and creativity, MYINTOX’s first collection, “African & Asian Wildness” was created. A small side collection “Holy Mary” was created in addition, which is supposed to be the protective hand for the endangered animal species. The collection consists of high-quality, sustainably produced cashmere and wool sweaters, unique Fair Trade T-shirts and matching accessories. Christine Stegmann designs all of the collection’s graphics and applications herself. Taking the basic motifs up again and again to create a harmonious overall picture.

What makes MYINTOX special?

You not only get self-designed and artistic animal designs at MYINTOX, but also quality and workmanship at the highest level. Our basic material is the highest quality cashmere wool from Inner Mongolia, which has been produced on an ecologically sustainable basis. The main difference in the quality of cashmere wool is whether it is obtained from goats from the lowlands or from the high mountains. Due to the colder the temperature, the better and finer the goat hair is and therefore, the quality. MYINTOX cashmere wool/wool comes mainly from the high mountains, which distinguishes our products by its’ special softness and exclusivity. Some of our sweaters contain 30% cashmere and 70% wool. However, due to the high cashmere quality they often feel softer and more delicate than a normal 100% cashmere sweater. Less in this case, is often more – at the same time more sustainable The prices do not differ because our 100% cashmere sweaters are finer/lighter than those with a wool mix. Furthermore, our embroideries and appliqués are produced with great technical effort and in part, hours of manual work. Therefore, many of our products which you are holding in your hands are indeed a unique handmade piece.

What is the philosophy of MYINTOX?

MYINTOXtries to bring exciting design, high quality and sustainability into harmony with its fashion. The label donates part of the proceeds to animal welfare organisations that work for the protection of species, with every sweater sold. This is why our inlays, whether sweaters, bags or jewellery, are decorated with motifs of animals threatened by extinction. These beauties of nature should always be noticed and can therefore shine on our fashion.

What does MYINTOX mean?

Behind the origin of the name MYINTOX stands the word “Intoxication”, meaning a state of intoxication. With its extraordinary creations, the label wants to intoxicate the wardrobes of fond fashion enthusiasts. The logo is a purple underpainted golden syringe, which symbolizes the state of intoxication. Christine Stegmann therefore does not rule out a certain danger of addiction (wink). It was important to her to find a name that is different, because MYINTOX is also different.