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LIVFRESH Dental Gel is like a professional cleaning every time you brush

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Product Description

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Welcome to LIVFRESH Dental! My name is Amit Goswamy, and I am the Founder & CEO of our Company. In 2009, my partners and I began to develop the formulation for LIVFRESH to combat our own gum and tooth problems. I faced severe plaque accumulation, which led to bad breath, tartar formation, weak enamel, and ultimately gum bleeding. As my problem worsened, my quality of life began to be affected – I was in pain and began to worry about daily interactions in my personal and professional life.

After visiting the dentist, I began to practice proper oral hygiene – brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash twice daily. However, my oral problems continued to persist. As I began to research traditional toothpaste, I learned several unsettling details. By itself, traditional toothpaste is marginally effective at removing plaque. The majority of plaque removal is due to friction from brushing your teeth. Since traditional toothpaste cannot penetrate plaque, bacteria remains around the gum margins even after brushing. This bacteria becomes toxic, leading to several oral health issues, including cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis (Source: ADA).

I was shocked to learn that my oral health issues were not unique to myself. According to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the British Medical Journal, 200 million Americans experience some form of gum disease due to plaque accumulation. Given these staggering statistics, it quickly became apparent that brushing with traditional toothpaste does not work as well as people believe it does.

My partners and I set out to invent an alternative – something that could provide close to a professional cleaning when we brush our teeth. We approached plaque as a chemistry problem, and over the course of 6 years, we developed a formulation called Activated Edathamil. Using metal ion modulation, our proprietary formulation breaks down existing plaque and prevents new plaque from attaching to the tooth surface. To prove this, our team of PhDs and MBAs partnered with top US universities to conduct clinical trials. According to double-blind studies, LIVFRESH is 250% better at removing plaque than a market leading toothpaste. Additional studies show that LIVFRESH remineralizes enamel and is twice as effective at controlling overnight plaque build-up.

We released our dental gel in 2015, and through organic growth, we have sold over 500,000 units and garnered the support of key opinion leaders in the dental community. Over the years, we have also listened to our customers, and have consistently iterated our product. We are very proud to release our latest version – LIVFRESH Wintergreen. It contains Activated Edathamil and is characterized by a unique foaming action and a burst of Wintergreen flavor. LIVFRESH contains zero abrasives, antimicrobials, parabens, gluten, sugar, triclosan, and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). All ingredients are 100% edible and safe. We placed an emphasis on exclusively using ingredients our own families would feel comfortable brushing with.

Our long-term goal is to find a solution to gum disease. While this requires years of extensive clinical trials to gain FDA approval, we truly hope that LIVFRESH will ultimately become the first product in the world to prevent and treat gingivitis and periodontitis. Our profits are used to further our research, so we greatly appreciate you being a customer and helping us improve oral health one mouth at a time.

Happy Brushing! :-)


Amit Goswamy

Amit Goswamy

Founder and CEO