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The Berlin based luxury brand Gretchen was founded in 2006. At Gretchen you can find the perfect leather hand bag for every occasion.

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Buy timeless handbags, gloves, purses, smartphone-cases and many other small leather goods from Gretchen Berlin online at

Exclusive leather goods from Gretchen made with best material and the highest craftmanship

The Berlin based brand Gretchen was founded in 2006 by Anne-Christin and Michael Georg Schmitt.


At Gretchen you can find the perfect leather bag for every occasion. Regardless if you want a bag for everyday life, a big handbag, a shoulder bag, a cross-over, a pouch, a clutch, or casual evening bag. The colorful collections, which are designed by Anne-Christin Schmitt, are elegant and timeless. The Gretchen product lines consist of matching gloves, purses, smartphone- and tablet cases and many other small leather goods. Gretchen only uses the most precious and exclusive leathers and fabrics. Every bag, glove and keyring from the designer Anne-Christin Schmitt is available worldwide at various department- and concept stores as well as in exclusive boutiques and shops – you can also get them in our Gretchen online shop here on and as well as in one of our own Gretchen stores
Like Berlin, Gretchens leather goods and bags are designed with a charming purist and colorful appearance. A connection between artistic constructed elements and independent shapes and silhouettes form a unique modern and timeless coolness. Anne-Christin Schmitt keeps clear lines, remarkable shapes and balanced material combinations in her focus. Design is only half of the equation. The other half is the material itself. Gretchen Berlin stands for highest quality by using the best leathers and fabrics with the most brilliant colors and an incomparable softness. All Gretchen accessories are handcrafted by leather good craftsmen in traditional manufactories in Italy and Spain. We use exclusively real leather.

Modern minimalism and colorful designs, that is Gretchen!

The unique Gretchen design of Anne-Christin Schmitt combines minimalism, color, shape and passion to outstanding one-of-a-kind pieces of art, which already won various design prices and recognitions as the Red Dot Award or the Sparks All American Award. Gretchen leather goods catch you with their precise cuts in combination with modern, artistic shapes. The classic, timeless and modern character of the Gretchen Berlin shoulder bags, cross-over handbags, evening pouches and clutches, gloves and further small leather goods derives from an interaction of the stick out soft leather, architectural constructions and colorful accents. Complex details are giving the bags, gloves, purses, phone and tablet cases their unique and particular charm. All our Gretchen Berlin products are totally handmade with the most outstanding leathers and fabrics from the most admired tanneries and producers in the world. Gretchen is only made in traditional leather good manufactories, completely handcrafted from highly experienced craftsmen and craftswomen.
Though this manufactory process every single Gretchen bag, Gretchen glove and Gretchen accessories, or other leather good gets its uniqueness and becomes a unique one of a kind piece that will last forever. Gretchen Berlin handbags and exclusive leather goods as gloves, belts, iphone and ipad cases – are timeless and unique. Handbags for everyday life, big bags, shoulder bags, cross-over bags, pouches, clutches, or casual evening handbags, purses, smart phone cases, tablet covers and many more small leather goods belong to the Gretchen assortment.