Opie Way is a brand focused on quality leather shoes made in USA. Crafting shoes and leather goods in our factory in Asheville, NC. Online.

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Product Description

We give a damn about keeping the trade of shoemaking alive in the US.
We give a damn about honoring the work that is done by human hands.
We give a damn about the soul that walks on each sole.
We give a damn about the breath of life that is design.
We give a damn about bringing living wage jobs to people who can’t spend their lives behind a counter or sitting at a desk.
We give a damn about keeping Chromium out of our landfills.
We give a damn about vintage material and bringing history back to life.
We give a damn about sourcing local and lifting each other up.
We give a damn about justice and equality and showing love to all our fellow humans.
We give a damn about doing it the right way, every single time.
We give a damn about shoes.

Our dream to start a shoe company started a long time ago, when Justin was a kid, sketching shoes and saving all his money for new kicks. He wanted to design for Nike one day, but his dream evolved as he learned about conditions in factories overseas. He decided he wanted to learn to make shoes from the bottom up, rather than designing something that would be mass produced by someone far away, who was overworked and underpaid.

Before he could get too far into teaching himself about shoe construction, we got an opportunity to purchase machinery that would allow us to open a micro shoe factory. After months of searching for investors and wondering if it was too crazy of an idea, my grandfather decided to take a chance on us. We flew out to LA to purchase our machines and shipped them back to our hometown.

After almost a year of learning the ins and outs of shoe construction, we are ready to release our first collection. Every piece of this collection is cut, fit, stitched and finished by our hands, and we are really proud of that. For every person that told us we couldn’t do this, that manufacturing in the US is too expensive, too hard, there was another person encouraging us and speaking life into our dream.

For every kind, encouraging word, we thank you – you got us to this point. We can’t wait to see where this journey takes us and we are so grateful that you are along for the ride.