Telic Energy Flip Flop – Comfort Sandals for Men and Women | XXL (Women’s 13/Men’s 12) Deep Ocean


Telic Energy Flip Flop - Comfort Sandals for Men and Women | XXL (Women's 13/Men's 12) Deep Ocean

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Product Description

  • PILLOW-SOFT BLISS: Imagine walking on clouds -that’s the feeling you get with Telic Energy Flip Flops, the unique Novalon material boasts pillow-soft cushioning that pampers your feet with every step maintaining its shock-absorbing properties longer, and last twice as long as your standard shoe
  • OPTIMAL SUPPORT: Bid farewell to foot fatigue – Telic Energy Flip Flops are designed with arch support that’s recommended by medical professionals; the sandals conform to your feet’s shape, providing a custom fit that’s second to none for comfort that’s tailored just for you
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & WATERPROOF: Whether you’re strolling on the beach, exploring the city, or lounging by the pool, these flip flops are your lightweight and waterproof companions, enjoy style and comfort without compromise; Telic Energy Flip Flops are your go-to choice for unmatched comfort and style
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION AT ITS FINEST: The Novalon material is equipped with shock-absorbing properties that enhance your walking experience, making every step a breeze; the footbed features a textured design that not only enhances grip but also provides a gentle massaging effect while minimizing moisture and allowing a cooling air flow under the foot
  • NOTE: When it comes to comfort, Telic Flip Flops have got you covered with their true-to-size fit, but to ensure that your sandals remain in the best condition possible, we recommend keeping them away from direct sunlight and hot water, store them in a cool and shaded area when not in use to maintain their original fit and comfort level