The Original Barista Joe’s Fresh Roasted Coffee Decaf – 2 bags 16oz Bag (Ground)


The Original Barista Joe's Fresh Roasted Coffee Decaf - 2 bags 16oz Bag (Ground)

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Product Description

  • ☕ Medium roasted to perfection with sweet caramel and light nutty overtones.
  • ☕ This is the reason why we are told everyday that our decaf is one of the best tasting coffee’s our customers have ever had. Both Chris and Dean have perfected the roast profile on this extremely delicious cup of coffee through hundreds of hours of small batch roasting. Try our Decaf today, you will not be disappointed.
  • ☕ Our Barista Joe’s signature blends are the most affordable, high-quality, coffee offered on the market today. Choose from one of our rich blends to impress your guests with delicious, invigorating coffee for half the price.
  • ☕ Barista Joe’s is not your average discount coffee. As opposed to most discount coffee brands, we don’t take any shortcuts in developing this brand. Made with you in mind, this coffee meets the same standards for taste and quality that you’d expect from any premium brand on the market.
  • ☕ We 100% guarantee our coffee for maximum freshness and quality. Try a cup of Barista Joe’s today.