TP Tools Rust Converter – 1 Quart Bottle TP-1081, Made in USA


TP Tools Rust Converter - 1 Quart Bottle TP-1081, Made in USA

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Product Description

  • Chemically Stops, Converts, and Seals Rust!
  • TP Tools Rust Converter is a fast and easy way to chemically stop, convert, and seal any rusted surface to a black, protective polymeric coating. The polymeric black coating prevents rust and corrosion from reappearing, plus provides an excellent primer base for top coating with most paints. For maximum protection, after applying Rust Converter, we recommend top coating with our TP Tools Total Protection RUST COVER PAINT (TP-1090 & TP-1091).
  • Rust Converter is ready-to-use right out of the bottle. No diluting or reducing. Liberally apply with a paint brush, trigger bottle, or spray gun. Always remove loose rust and scale with a wire brush and clean dirt, grease, or oils with a degreaser or safety solvent prior to applying.
  • Apply first coat and allow 20 minutes drying time (drying time varies based on temperature). After first coat is dry, apply second coat to ensure complete transformation of rusted surfaces. Allow 48 hours of cure time before the application of a finished topcoat of paint.
  • 1 Quart Bottle – 32 oz. Covers 50-75 sq ft. Made in USA.