Trailer wheel Lock


Trailer wheel Lock

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Product Description

Let the affordable, patented, Brahma Trailer Wheel Lock take care of your security concerns. Regardless of what kind of trailer you have: utility, enclosed cargo, boat, RV, dump, ATV, automobile, or toy hauler, there are times you have to leave, or store, your trailer somewhere less than ideal. Whether it is parked in your driveway, a storage compound, a job site, or overnight at a hotel, you deserve a proven trailer security wheel lock. You deserve the security a Brahma Wheel Lock can provide.

Designed from the ground up to comply with the needs of insurance companies and police, the tough Brahma Wheel Lock is not merely an impounding or immobilizing device. It is an easily installed anti-theft trailer and vehicle lock, also known as a ‘vehicle boot’, of the highest order. It was designed specifically to prevent the loss of tools, ATVs, vehicles, personal water craft, boats, trucks, motorcycles, and other high value cargo that you carry in trailers.

Hunters, motorsport enthusiasts, tradesmen, truck and car collectors, boat owners, and recreational enthusiasts around the world rely on Brahma Wheel Locks for peace of mind when it comes to securing their investments. We’d love for you to join them.

  • Trailer theft has reached “epidemic” proportions in many cities and rural areas.
  • Approximately 80% of trailers stolen are never recovered.
  • Trailer contents such as tools, boats, vehicles and construction materials are very seldom insured or returned.
  • Hitch style locks are only a token inconvenience for thieves who simply use the trailer’s safety chains to move the trailer to a more secluded location for lock removal.
  • Most wheel style locks can be removed by giving them a hard pull with a chain and tow vehicle. Tests have proven Brahma wheel locks are the toughest in the business, and the ultimate theft deterrent.

    Don’t Risk Your Investment!

    Your trailer and its contents represent a sizable investment. Each time you walk away from your vehicle, it is an easy target for trailer thieves, whether left attached to your vehicle or not. The most effective anti-theft device is the patented Brahma Wheel Lock.

    Patented Design

    Each Brahma Wheel Lock is produced and protected by international patents, ensuring that only Brahma can use the many unique features found in the product.


    Brahma Wheel Locks fold down to a compact height of 2 inches (5 cm), allowing for many convenient storage options.

    How It Works

    A properly installed Brahma Wheel Lock prevents the locked wheel from rotating and also covers the wheel nuts so that the wheel cannot be removed and replaced by another. Even with a tire deflated, the lock will still be effective. The sheer visible presence of a Brahma Wheel Lock will send a thief looking for an easier target.


    Made of extra strength steel, with thick cross-section structural shapes, each lock is a blend of raw strength and ultimate convenience.