US lighting group intelligent LED Technologies


LED lighting, Analog panels, digital panels, individual gauges, universal panels, ignition system, off road lighting, power sport and marine

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Product Description

As a leading designer and manufacturer of electronics, the US Lighting Group has become widely known for its engineering of high-tech quality products, primarily in the fields of automotive electronics and commercial LED lighting.

The US Lighting Group (OTC:USLG) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Intellitronix Corporation, are leading manufacturers of electronics, supplying growth sectors such as custom designed LED products, microprocessor-controlled LED instrumentation, custom private labeled electronics, automotive, RV, and marine electronics.

The company has manufacturing and R&D facilities in Cleveland, Ohio with an international sales distribution network.

High Speed Printing and Component Placement

Intellitronix Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of the US Lighting Group, acquired a Europlacer iineo+ Pick-and-Place platform that is a fully automated, multi-functional robotics system with high-speed feedthrough of printed circuit boards (PCB) and precision electronics component placement capabilities.

The Pick-and-Place system can process 30,000 electronics components per hour, handle larger circuit boards, boost production output threefold, and improve quality control with built-in electronics components testing resulting in higher electronics accuracy rates. Intellitronix pick-and-place assembly process uses a sizeable quantity of varied surface mounted electronics components, so the company was looking for a system with substantially greater precision placement capabilities.


The US Lighting Group is well-known for its intelligent lighting technology. We offer the very best 4-foot, commercial replacement lights with four options that are affordable and offer continual energy savings. All are available in a clear or diffused lens. The BH4 Series, GFY Series and DFP LED Tubes are offered in three colors: the 3500k [warm white], 4500k [neutral white] and 6500k [bright daylight and our most popular]. The FEB is available in 5000k, a cool white.

LED light bulbs have the potential to disinfect viral agents in critical areas including hospitals, supermarkets, schools, airports, medical labs, seniorcare centers, fire and police stations, schools, government buildings, office buildings, and hotels. We are researching the capabilities of our 4-foot commercial bulb to replace traditional florescent lights to help combat viral pathogens using ultraviolet light technology to sterilize surfaces.

Automotive Industry

Intellitronix has groundbreaking automotive electronics design capabilities to present ideas and offer an innovative solution to meet the requirements of OEMs. Today, the company continues to lead the automotive electronics world into the future with our proprietary technology, expert design, and one of a kind innovation. Automotive electronics projects signifies tangible growth opportunities for Intellitronix.

A good example is the Intellitronix Ford Super Duty 2011-2106 F Truck Series dual-purpose off-road lighting solutions incorporates “ultra-bright” direct replacement lights that fit easily into the front headlight location.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Industry

RV manufacturers may not only benefit from lower manufacturing costs, but they may also profit from two units incorporated into a single multi-functional unit. The latest state-of-the-art technology using the company’s proprietary power saving and protection system was specifically developed for recreational vehicles and marine vessels. Designing and engineering products for the RV industry is a keystone to our growth strategy to expand the company’s product portfolio.

Automotive Aftermarket
The US Lighting Group’s subsidiary Intellitronix Corporation is a leading manufacturer of electronics supplying growth sectors such as LED lighting, automotive, RV, and marine electronics, custom-designed LED products, microprocessor-controlled LED instrumentation, custom private labeled electronics, and high-tech robotics.

As an industry leader in the automotive aftermarket, Intellitronix Corporation designs LED digital and analog gauges, off-road LED lighting, electronic switches, performance products including multi spark CD ignition systems, marine and off-road ignition systems. Products are sold through a network of large automotive distributors as well as retail channels. The Intellitronix Corporation also serves several OEM customers and has a large private label program.