Organic Whipped Shea Butter


Raw Organic Unrefined Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil, Unscented or Scented

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Product Description

Made In The Shea Whipped Shea Butter is made with fresh, unrefined ivory Shea from Africa. Because plain Shea is hard to apply I whip the Shea with a small amount of sweet almond oil making a light fluffy texture that is easy to apply. I do not melt the Shea so that it retains its rich vitamin and mineral content. The Sweet Almond Oil is very close to the natural oils in the skin and will help soften, soothe, and re- condition skin. All Shea butter is organic, unrefined, Fair Trade. Available is 3 sizes- 1 oz. $7, 2 oz. $11, 4 oz. $18.

Hello, I was in Mobile for family and happened to walk in Urban Emporium (I think that’s the name) and discovered your lotion/ Shea butter. I was having an allergic relation to soap, put this on and it was immediate relief. I’m in love, it feels great and the fact that it smells good to is just an added bonus. Melanie

I am a breast cancer survivor and I want to use only organic products, I have tried a number of your products and love all of them. I especially like the Unscented Whipped Shea Body Butter that I used after and during radiation treatments that I purchased from you. this product brought my skin back very quickly after radiation.  Mildred, LA

Hi Ms. Swanson, I applaud your research and success in developing Made in the Shea products, I will slowly try your other products but right now i’m in love with whipped shea butter, people ask me what i’m wearing as if its parfume, my favorite is ginger lime.  What a nice find for my friends and I in a little shop while on vacation in Helen GA October 2012.  when we begin to run low we remembered the words of the cashier who said the website is on the bottom.  Thanks and we love your last name its my nephews first name :)

My wife and I both suffered from severe dry skin this past winter and tried numerous over the counter lotions and creams as well as a prescription cream from a dermatologist and none seemed to help. We tried your shea butter and finally had some relief. Thank You!!! You have a wonderful product line.
Gerry & Annie, MA

I have been using unrefined shea butter for a few months and although I love it, it has been hard to apply it. However, last week I saw your stall at the Strawberry Festival, bought a couple of products and now I am thoroughly enjoying the ease and smoothness of your light and fluffy version. So fresh and healthy and so smooth to apply. I will keep you posted on the results but I already feel the softness of my skin. Thank you for spending your time to come up with this product. We need more organic and natural products!
Kate, AL

Love your product, found it great for African-American skin which is prone to dryness and ashiness. will recommend it to all my contacts. Hope to see you in Chicago one day. I will place my Christmas orders in November. Thanks ~C. J.

“My wife traded some jewelry with you for the Whipped Shea Butter at the craft show in the Methodist church in Destin. I’m not an avid skin product user but this stuff is the best that I have ever used on both hands and feet and anywhere else. Great product!!!! We will trade again.” ~Bob Niceville FL

Dear Debby, I just wanted to let you know that your Shea Butter gifts went over GREAT! The Brazilian fencer proclaimed it a “miracle”. Thank you once again for your generosity in donating these gifts. Just to let you know…I came home with the bronze medal in the 50-59 year age category for women’s epee. Third in the world! I’m so excited! Thank you again! ~Marianne