Wood Burning Fire Pit


Round Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

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Product Description

The Elliptical Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit is handcrafted with precision metalwork and inspired by casual sophistication and clean lines that set the stage for an outdoor ambiance that provides hours of warmth and an understated focal point in the garden, terrace or veranda. 17 Stories manufacturers and utilizes industrial strength tank heads for the bowls used in their fire pits. Tank heads are the end caps on cylindrically-shaped pressure vessels. They generally comply with ASME standards because of the high pressures they must withstand for use with gas storage tanks and reactors.

Not Included:

  • Cover

Product Details

  • Product Type: Fire pit
  • Exterior Material: Steel
  • Safe for Use on Wooden Deck: Cannot be placed on a Wooden Deck
  • Fuel Type: Wood Burning

Natural Variation

  •   (Designed to fade from a standard metallic color to a rusted one when exposed to weathering.)