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Hello I would like to introduce myself, My name is Michael Paul, the founder of NMIC.Directory, I would like to thank you for this consideration. I personally have invested thousands of dollars into this effort, and continue to invest about a thousand dollars a month in keeping the service going and expanding the service and its usefulness. This website is not owned by a large corporation, it was started and is operated by me alone with some volunteer help and costly web developers. Please visit this link to see 5 ways you can support the effort.

Funding Goal is $1,000 per month to cover expenses

Currently we are at about $112/monthly

All of our initiatives require funding, should your personal circumstances permit, we are looking for a little help.

5 ways you can help support the cause…

  1. Share our website with your family, friends and business owners and subscribe to our newsletter, and/or Suggest a “Not Made In China” product, so we can grow our database of products!

  2. We earn a fee if you purchase a “Not Made In China” product through a link from our website.

  3. Small one time or monthly donation as small as $1. Click the Donate link or PayPal to

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Help us Advocate & Promote

“Not Made In China” economies

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This initiative is costing thousands of dollars in Public Relations, press releases, original content, Social media & Search engine ad campaigns, staffing, web development and dedicated server costs and other technological services each month. We do not run ad campaigns, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google. We are using only digital media companies who respect freedom of speech and differing opinions. Such as or an alternative search engine.

A very small donation – no contribution is too small, even .25 cents, $1 or $2 a month will multiply with a few thousand supporters. That is all we need to keep this going. We are in this together! Please continue to support us however you can, by sharing our posts, visiting regularily, sharing with business owners or a small financial contribution. The link below, allows for easy small micro donations.


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Advocating & Promoting

“Not Made In China”


Our service provides a searchable worldwide database of businesses and products “Not Made In China” from all over the world. This allows consumers to easily find the products they need, while supporting their local economies. Additionally, we provide a searchable “Made In China Brands” database, which will allow consumers to quickly check if a brand is “Made In China” This service will always be free for the consumers and for businesses to list their products. We will never charge for this basic service.

We will be encouraging our users and members to lobby their governments and corporations to bring manufacturing back to their prospective countries. We will be embarking on a major public relations initiative; social media, appearing in podcasts, on youtube channels, blog sites, interviews, and the like. We will also be issuing press releases, continuing to publish articles to the mainstream media and relevant niche internet sites.