You may have noticed we added a new feature! You will now notice on our home page two database search features. The first is “NOT Made In China” which is the core to our service offering, here you can search products that are “NOT Made In China” you can search by keywords, product names or type of product you are looking for, also by category, country of origin.

We have now added a new feature right next to it, the  “MADE In China” database search! If you are looking to buy a product and are not sure if it is made in China, you can enter the brand name or company name here, and if it is in our database then you will know that it is most likely made in China. If it is not in our database, we may not be aware of it or have not added it. You can contribute to our database by suggesting products be added to either of our two databases. Users like you help us grow our databases and in turn, make them more useful to our community.

So now we have two ways to do your educated research, search for products “Not Made In China” or search for products “Made In China”