In today’s world, most well-known electronic brands such as Samsung, Apple, Sony and many others, are having their products made in the factories of China. Low labour cost is one of the main and most heard reasons attracting these companies to the world’s second-largest economy. But the important question is: what is the truth behind the low labour costs?

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A 2018 investigation done by Solidar Suisse and China Labor Watch on some of the biggest manufacturing factories in China revealed that in order to earn an amount little shy of USD$1.50/hr, workers work up to 175 overtime hours per month, without being given the legally required 24-hour safety training and necessary safety equipment, not to mention the poor living conditions of these workers in workers’ dormitories (CNBC, 2018). This is just one of many reasons we should not support communist China.

Samsung, on the other hand, is one of the companies that have taken the initiative not to pursue its manufacturing venture with the Chinese factories any further.
As per the latest updates, Samsung has already ceased production in factories of China for its display producing units (LCD, Televisions phone displays) and mobile phone products and is setting up plants and investing in competing markets like India and Vietnam (“Samsung to Relocate China Display Production to Vietnam: State Media”, 2021).

Few recent changes that were disclosed after conducting interviews with representatives of Samsung Electronic are mentioned below:
Samsung was one of China’s top five smartphone vendors in 2013 and accounted for around 20% of the Chinese market. But as per reports in the first quarter of 2019, it accounts for less than 1%.
Last year, Samsung opened what it called “the world’s largest mobile factory” in Noida, a city near New Delhi, India, which the company said would help to nearly double its annual capacity in the country (Gadgets360,2020).

The company discontinued production in China for the following electronics as mentioned below. (“Samsung to Shut Down Its Sole China TV Factory by November”, 2021):
August 2019 Computer factory in Suzhou and Xian, China
November 2019, Display and TV factory in Tianjin, China
June 2019 last Phone factory in Huizhou, China

As of today, almost all Samsung products are being produced all around the world mainly in Vietnam and India. The remaining production units are spread globally in South Korea, United States, Mexico and Taiwan.

Samsung is setting an example by deciding on moving its manufacturing units out of China.
Let’s hope that all leading electronics producing companies follow their lead.

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